Microsoft and the Internet Television Boom

Michael MJD’s video of MSN TV

Internet Television is still a thing, but back in the 90s, Microsoft was predicting the future of television with a product called WebTV, where it became common in Windows 98 and ME. There are some WebTV consoles made during the 90s, but in the 2010s and 2020s, there’s not one single mention of it anymore, and the service was shutdown permanently.

Michael MJD shows you some WebTV and MSN TV nostalgia, and how computers changed the face of live television. Any comments are welcome! (Have you used internet television in the 1990’s?)


Early Beta of Junior Field Trips The Farm from 1994

Walkthrough Video

I remember playing one of the Junior Field Trips games back in my childhood years, mostly 2003 from a local public library. The one that I mostly remember is the Airport.

This is the early Buzzy the Knowledge Bug beta of the Farm from 1994. It was before Humongous Entertainment teamed up with Random House in 1995 to rename their beta to Junior Field Trips.

Yes, I actually didn’t know this existed, but now, I found a video on YouTube that shows a walkthrough of this rare gem! Let me know what you think and take care!

A long video about repairing a PlayStation 3 that has a faulty power supply.

Are you eager enough to spend 45 minutes on a repair video of a FAT PlayStation 3? My Mate Vince shows you how:

FAT PS3 – Repair video – 45 minutes

If you want to jump to a specific part in the video, you can! I have a more recent Super Slim model, which is more reliable, but cheap in parts.

Let me know what you think, and take care!

Satire at GameStop: Trading in a PlayStation 5 is a scam!?!

I’m sure most of you went to GameStop (EB Games in Canada) as your favourite place to buy or rent video games and consoles. Did you know that there’s a backstory when you trade in your PS5? Well, Jacob R will show you:

Jacob R’s PS5 trade… as a scam?!?

Like I quote from Monty Python: GameStop is pining for the fjords. (Which means that GameStop isn’t the same anymore!)

What was your experience at GameStop? Let me know, and take care!

Old firmware PlayStation 3 FAT Models on eBay

With my PlayStation 3 Super Slim from my 4k Home Theatre, I usually update to the latest version of the system software to keep things more modern as time progresses, but Jacob R really got his hands on an old PlayStation 3 off eBay that appears to be running a very old firmware that is prone to security vulnerabilities:

Jacob R’s video on an eBay FAT PS3 with an outdated OS.

Do you update your PS3 to the latest system software if at all possible? If so, let me know down in the comments, and take care!

Thrifting for a PlayStation 3, but It’s not what you think it is

I have a PlayStation 3 Super Slim attached to the 4k Home Theatre since the late 2010s, but getting a working machine can be very expensive. That’s why Jacob R went to Goodwill, and this is the result:

Jacob R’s video on a Goodwill Thrift Store PlayStation 3 – FAT Model (So grungy!)

Here we have an untested PlayStation 3 FAT model that appears to be in a very sorry state of condition. Did any of you come across broken FAT model PlayStation 3’s at your thrift store? If so, let me know down in the comments and take care!

P.S. If your FAT PlayStation 3 is not powering on, but there’s a disk inside, I’ve provided a video from My Mate Vince in an earlier post for you to check out!

Windows 98 Beta 2.1 What’s New – Earliest known prototypes

Windows 98 Beta 2.1 1602 – first known prototype with placeholders.
Windows 98 Beta 2.1 1619 – near-final prototype – a couple of placeholders on Desktop Themes and Windows Update

There were some leaked Windows 98 Beta 2.1 copies found online. One thing I found interesting is that they were the first to include the What’s New tour for users upgrading from Windows 95 at the time.

Build 1602 was the earliest known prototype of the tour. It was filled with placeholders, but there is completed narration in it. The intro was a little too generic, but the main sections appears to be outstanding and was included in the next build of Beta 2.1.

Build 1619 started including a near-final graphical appearance of the menus for consistency. It also has an exclusive opening music clip with near-final voice re-recording (other sections are the same as the last build) that was quickly replaced in Beta 3. All of the placeholders were filled, except for the Desktop Themes and Windows Update. (IMO It seems to be much more fancy in the intro than the last build.)

Beta 3 had final updates of the opening music clip, and all of the voice narration of the other sections have been re-recorded. Windows Update and Desktop Themes placeholders have been filled. Otherwise, most of the other sections are the same.

RC 0 is the same as Beta 3 mentioned above, but with updated graphics.

RC 4 had a final minor update of the voice narration and graphics (with final utility titles such as Maintenance Wizard instead of Tune-Up Wizard from earlier builds), which carried over to the Retail build of Windows 98. Production was complete, aside from a removal of Front Page Express in the Second Edition of Windows 98.

Let me know what you think! These were provided by Reychando on YouTube. Any comments are welcome!

External Blu-ray Drive for the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition… kinda works?

Some guy on YouTube did manage to get a PlayStation 5 when it was launched back in late 2020 at a steal which is the Digital Edition to see if optical discs of all kinds are compatible.

You’d be better off getting the Disc Edition of the PlayStation 5 if you have the extra cash so that you can play 4k Ultra-HD Blu-rays like my Rocky Mountain Express IMAX and backward compatible PlayStation 4 games without the tedious trial and error of the Digital Edition with an external drive. It’s also due to the global chip shortage, so finding a PlayStation 5 would be even harder. Good luck finding one! I hope you would be lucky!

Comments are welcome! Take care!

Tutorial on getting Original Xbox and Xbox 360 games working on the Xbox One/Series

The Main tutorial. has made a video showing you how to get your old original Xbox games (the same applies to the Xbox 360) working on the Xbox One/Series.

You might want to look at this list of compatible games to see if yours is listed.

Let me know what you think and take care!

*Some games are Xbox One X enhanced for use on modern equipment such as 4k TV’s with HDR10 and Dolby Atmos surround systems. Please refer to the list of compatible games linked above for more information.